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Surf restricted web sites privately using an anonymous proxy service

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Surf restricted web sites privately using an anonymous proxy service

Depending on your location around the world, certain web sites like Facebook or YouTube may be blocked either by a government agency (such as the case in China and some countries in the Middle East) or by employers looking to restrict the web surfing activity of employees, in order to increase their productivity or to protect against lawsuits.

For people who wish to get around such restrictions, there are a number of good methods including using an anonymous proxy service or a VPN service.

A proxy service, otherwise known as an unblock website, is a web site that one can visit which provides its own web browser inside the site itself and allows a visitor to surf the web anonymously. All web surfing from an unblock website will appear to have originated from the web sites’ server, with an IP address from the server relative to its location. In this way, the IP address for the computer you are really using is masked, as is your actual location.

Such anonymous proxy services sometimes are free, but other web sites provide more robust, premium services for a fee which extends the usefulness of the services offered.

Proxy services vary in the options available. Free services have a limited range of options to select from. These typically include:

Removal of client side scripting (usually a language known as Javascript) which can execute clever commands that can give away your true location
Allowing and not allowing cookies (small text files with information about your browsing session) to be stored, or keep cookies only for the single web browsing session and then deleting them afterwards
Turning on/off images
Choose whether to show the referring website
Removing the page title for clean history purposes
Encoding of the web addresses visited

Choosing a good anonymous proxy service is important, so do your research and choose wisely.

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